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Embark on a culinary journey with Saffron, where we invite you to explore the vibrant and diverse flavor's of South India, right in the heart of New Zealand. Since our establishment in 2000, Saffron has stood as an emblem of authenticity, tradition, and culinary prowess. Our culinary narrative blends the rich heritage of South Indian and Chinese cuisines, crafting a gastronomic experience that transcends geographical boundaries to enchant your taste buds.


Whether you’re a seasoned South Indian or venturing into the world of diverse flavor's for the first time, Saffron harmoniously marries tradition with innovation. In our cozy space, every meal unfolds a unique story. Taste the legacy, savor the authenticity – at Saffron, each bite is a jubilation of culinary excellence. We are redefining the essence of South Indian cuisine against New Zealand’s stunning landscape.

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Our Mission

Our mission is a compass, guiding us toward a flavorful horizon. We aspire to be the hearth where tradition dances with innovation, a place where generations gather, sharing memories over fragrant curries. Our plan? To create an ideal haven for family dining, where South Indian dishes evoke the warmth of home. We want to leave a saffron-scented legacy that transcends time.

Our Vision

We picture a future where Saffron’s kitchen spans generations—a fusion of South Indian spices and New Zealand’s lush landscapes. We see ourselves as stardust, settling on taste buds, igniting memories of grandmother’s medhu vadas and whispered family secrets. 

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